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Daily Democrat - April 28, 2011

Woodland Mosque aids in tsunami disaster relief

Imam of the Woodland Mosque, Qari Aamir Hussain, recently lead a fundraising campaign for victims of Tsunami disaster in Japan.

Imam Hussain appealed the Muslim Community of Woodland for funds and said  that Prophet of Islam Muhammad "has taught them to be kind to each  other, to respect elders, and care for our children, and he also taught  us that it was better to give than to receive and that each human life  is worthy of respect and dignity."

In this campaign to raise funds appeals were made for three Friday's  during the weekly prayer services and community raised $850 for the  victims of Japan tsunami.

Director of the Mosque, Khalid Saeed, invited representatives of Woodland Red  Cross to Woodland mosque receive a check for the funds. At the Friday,  April 22, prayer services two representatives of the Red Cross, Katrina  Kilgore and Maria Elena, visited the mosque, where Saeed and Imam  Hussain presented them a check and thanked them for their visit to the  mosque.

Kilgore thanked the Muslim Community of Woodland for their generosity in  raising these funds for the sake of humanity and accepted the check in  the main prayer hall in front of the weekly congregation.

Tsunami 4
Tsunami 2

Picture shows from left: Mosque President Riaz Ahmad-Khalid Saeed -Katrina Kilgor of Red Cross- Maria Elena of Red Cross.

Tsunami 1

Picture shows from left: Imam Qari Aamir Hussai - Khalid Saeed Public Relations Officer - Katrina Kilgor of Red Cross- Maria Elena of Red Cross.

Tsunami 3

Picture shows from left: Masud Chaudhry -Qari Aamir Hussain and Zahoor Ahmad  Director of Finance receiving the guests from Red Cross.