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July 20, 2013

Woodland Mosque and Islamic Center Summer School 2013

By Omar Saeed

Woodland Mosque and Islamic Center Summer School  continues to function during the holy month of Ramadan with outdoor activities and trips.

There will be a school trip during the Ramadan to local Muslim Cemetery to make dua for family and community members who are no longer with us and also to educate the youth about life, and life in hereafter. Summer school group1

A camp ground is being reserved to take the school kids and families on  Eid-ul-Fitr  to a weekend camping trip.

Woodland Mosque and Islamic Center Summer School 2013 session started on June 23rd and will conclude on August 3rd. According to ages of the students are enrolled in 4 groups. About 70 total students are enrolled.

This year a community member donated a large minivan to the school for bringing the kids to school if the students have the ride problems.

Education while having fun

About 20 adults and students  participated in the ‘ HALAL Evening' held at the Crest Theater in Sacramento on June 15. It was an evening  of traditional and contemporary Islamic visual and performing arts.

The program showcased the ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity of the creative Muslim talent not only from within our local community, but also  it included nationally and internationally recognized performers as well as amazing local talent.

Performances included an Arab music ensemble, nasheed singers, a violinist, spoken word and hip hop, a tabla artist, and much more!

In addition, there was an art gallery to display the works of Muslim artists.

Other activities

Young ladies class went out with Teachers and some parents  to a pizza place and young ladies loved the idea and got to chat about girly things.

School administrator Shafi Sialvi and some parents took older boys group and they were actually thankful for the opportunity.

While out for Pizza, the kids learnt a great deal about being nice. How they should greet their parents when they come home after day’s work.

 Other outdoor activities away from mosque for the younger students are planned as well to enjoy the time away from home and school.

Teaching staff

We have some very qualified and dedicated teachers and administrators who are performing wonderfully to education our future generation with a mission in mind.  Read More about school staff               

 See three pages of pictures