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1023 North Street, Woodland CA 95695        Ph: 530-666-4706

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Mohammad Ahad Chaudhry honored

Mohammad Ahad Chaudhry of Woodland was recognized  and appreciated at  Woodland Mosque  Islamic Center on Friday , November 19, 2010.Riaz Ahmad presenting  plaque

Soon after the Friday prayer, in the presence of all worshippers, Riaz Ahmad thanked and congratulated the community for their generous contribution in paying off the community center property debt. 

He proudly showed the final payment receipt and declared that now the loan has been paid and  we  Alhumdullilah own more than half block property in a prime Woodland location which is only  2 blocks from historical Woodland court house and the county administration building.

At this time a special thanks was offered to Mohammad Ahad Chaudhry and a  beautiful plaque was presented to him recognizing his dedicated community service and generous continued financial contributions to the mosque. 

In leadership of Imam Qari Aamir Hussain the worshippers shouted  Takbeer aloud with joy and in appreciation. 

Mufti Mahmood  Varnalvi made a special dua in which he thanked Almighty for his blessings and prayed for all who generously contributed to the mosque projects and a special dua was made for Brother Ahad and his family.  After the prayer the sweets and refreshments were served to all the worshippers.

Sweets enjoyed-0
Refereshments served-0

Left picture shows members of the community enjoying sweets and Tea. Right picture shows Mannan Sadiq- Riaz Ahmad and Mohammad Usman Sadiq serving refreshments to the worshippers

Group photo of award presentation-F0