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Large crowd gathers for annual Iftar Dinner at Woodland mosque

By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

Woodland mosque held its annual Iftar Dinner on July 27, 2013 which attracted a large crowd from various sectors of society.

The program began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Imam Aamir Hussain. Translation of the Holy verses was presented by Aisha Sadiq, 11 a sixth grade student of Gibson High School.

Principal of the Woodland Mosque School, Engineer Mohammad Usman Sadiq, was the master of ceremony. He welcomed the guests on behalf of the Mosque and recognized a number of people who came from far and near as well as leaders of various faiths and Woodland officials.

Wajeeha Ahad Perwaiz, a Bsc Medicine student at the UC Sacramento, gave an interesting talk on "A Muslim Youth's Day in Ramadan." She said that she feels pleasure in fulfilling the religious obligation of fasting although the fasting hours are long and weather is hot.

Samina Sundas, the Founding Executive Director of American Muslim Voice, was the next speaker. She travelled from Palo Alto to attend the annual iftar dinner. She was of the view that ignorance was the main reason of any misconception and misunderstanding among people. " To move all Americans from fear to friendship by expanding the sense of community at a grassroots level, the AMV has taken an initiative and launched National Invite Your Neighbors Day observed on the first Sunday of October." 

Samina Sundas said she hosted the joy of Ramadan iftar dinner last week at her residence in Palo Alto that was attended by about 70 people from diverse ethnic and faith groups.

Woodland Police Chief Dan Bellini was the next speaker who spoke to the diversity of the city.  

Mariko Yamada

Samina Sundas

Dan Bellini

Tom Stallard

Pastor Wendy Watson

Imaam Aamir Hussain

Wajeeda Ahad Perwaiz

M Usman Sadiq & Aisha Sadiq

Meer Nazir

Khalid Saeed

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