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1023 North Street, Woodland CA 95695        Ph: 530-666-4706

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Woodland Mosque Family Night

Family Night 3-11-2012

Programs and speeches in most Mosques are mainly geared for adults, whereas most important segment of the community, the youth ( boys & girls) get ignored. At a gathering members of Woodland  mosque administration decided to hold a monthly family night program on every last SUNDAY of the month, rain or shine. It will have an Urdu speech for adults and an English speech for the young adults.

This month’s program was decided to be held on Sunday March 11, 2012  as an exception, to combine it with Ghairween Sharif.  As this program was almost in the middle of month it was decided to consider it our Family Night for March 2012 as well.  We have received a lot of positive response from many members of the community after this March family night program. Family night 3-11-2012-D

As I was asked to arrange speakers and topics for the family night program, on Sunday March 11, 2012  Qari Aamir Hussain talked about Ghiarween Sharif and I invited a young man who is trained to communicate with youth so the youth can  connect and understand issues and their solution from their own peers. 

Br. Naseer Roshan gave a youth centric talk in English which every man, woman and young adult  attending the program heard with full attention in a pin drop silence as it can be observed in this foto.

Next Family Night of the Woodland Mosque will be held as usual on the last Sunday of the month that is April 29, 2012. [By Khalid Saeed]