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1023 North Street, Woodland CA 95695        Ph: 530-666-4706

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More than $400,000 raised for the new Woodland mosque
Woodland community celebrates Eid Al Fitr

Woodland Muslim community celebrated Eid Al Fitr on August 31, 2011, with festivities at the Woodland mosque.

About 800 men, women and children attended the Eid prayer and festivities. 8-31-2011 Eid-13

To celebrate the occasion, the Mosque served the community delicious lunch prepared at the premises and a local restaurant was hired to prepare fresh hot Naan at the mosque. It was enjoyed by all. 

As the community is growing, so are the needs of the community. Therefore the mosque administration, which consists of educated and energetic young people, is thinking ahead and planning for our future as well as our future generations. 

During last 10 days of Ramadan, an intensive fundraising campaign was launched with a donation request sent to all to come prepared to Eid prayer and to listen to new mosque project plans and contribute towards the fund created for the new project. 

Mohammad Usman Sadiq, who is an engineer with the Caltrans, prepared an initial sketch and floor plan for the Masjid and made a slide presentation to the Eid gathering. Ladies prayed inside the mosque and saw the presentation on short circuit TV while men prayed inside the large hall. Mosque model

Riaz Ahmad expanded the discussion and urged the people to donate generously towards the building of the new mosque as the current mosque is housed in old building structures.  

The community showed an unprecedented interest in building the new house of Allah. People came prepared and donated generously towards the future plan. An amount of $129,000.00 was pledged on the Eid day.

Ladies also contributed for the great cause by giving their jewlery, The value of the jewelery has yet to be evaluated.

Chaudhry Mohammad Anwar, donated $100,000 on Eid day. Chaudhry Anwar son of Chaudhry Khushi Mohammad hails from Chak 250-G/B, Faisalabad.

Chaudhry Sadiq Family has so far given $50,000.00; Chaudhry Mohammad Ahad $40,000.00 and Chaudhry Mohammad Asgar $27,000.00. The philanthropists who donated $ 10,000 include: Ch. Ali Khadim, Ch. M. Ghaffar, Nadeem Chaudhry, Ch. Ijaz Ghani, Ch. Sajjid Hussein, Ch. M Azhar, Ch. M Arif and Mohsin Khalid.

 Ch. Tariq donated $7000.00 while those who contributed $50,000.00 include: M. Shahzad, Ch. M Riaz, Ch. M Farooq, Ch. Afzal, Ch. M Akram, Ch. M. Shekeil, Riaz Ahmad, Nadeem Akhtar, Ch. Irfan Naseem and Ch. Irfan.Since the beginning of donation campaign in the month of Ramadan, a little over $400,000.00 has been pledged with about 20-30 tolas of gold sets  which has to be appraised to know how much to add to the total.

2011 Awards-a 2011 Awards-c
2011 Awards-b

Pictures show (Left) Khalid Saeed with Khadem Mohammad Ali. (Center) Mohammd Shafi Sialvi, Khalid Saeed and Khadem Mohammad Ali. (Right) Khalid Saeed with Mohammd Shafi Sialvi, Khalid.

Two active members of the community – Khadem Mohammad Ali and Mohammad Shafi Sialvi - were given awards in appreciation of their distinguished services for the community. Khalid Saeed, Director of Public Relations of Woodland mosque presented these awards.Khadim Mohammad Ali was awarded for his dedication to moral building and doing selfless community service. Mohammad Shafi Sialvi was awarded for his dedication to educate youth of Muslim community of Woodland. 

At the conclusion Imam Hafiz Aamir Hussain made dua for all and future generations. (Abdus Sattar Ghazali) 

Editor’s Note: The list of donors is not all inclusive, if I missed any name of major donors it is because I found these names in the donor list provided to me.

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