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1023 North Street, Woodland CA 95695        Ph: 530-666-4706

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Eid-ul-Adha celebrated in Woodland

Woodland Eidal Adha-AA 11-17-2010


Community raises funds to pay off Mosque property

The Muslim community of Woodland, CA, celebrated the Eid Al Adha on Wednesday (Nov 17, 2010) with great enthusiasm and fervor.

The Eid Al Adha prayer at the Woodland Mosque was attended by a large number of people. The prayer was led by Allama Mufti Mehmood Varnalvi.

An interesting feature of the Eid Al Adha festivities was a generous mood of the community to raise funds to pay off the balance amount due for a large property the association bought three years ago. Woodland Eidal Adha-BB 11-17-2010

President of the Muslim Mosque and Islamic Center of Woodland, Riaz Ahamad Chaudhry, presented association’s annual financial report to the gathering and asked for donations to payoff the balance of about $50,000.00 that the association still owes for the property bought for $600,000.00.

People opened up their hearts and wallets. Surprisingly, within about 15 minutes $60,000.00 was raised.

After this fund raising now this property stands fully paid off.  The property has a large community center, a rental home, and grocery store, both of which are leased for a rental income for the Woodland community center.

This is a move to make the Woodland Islamic center financially independent.Woodland Eidal Adha-C11-17-2010

Riaz Ahamad Chaudhry thanked the community for its generosity and constant support for the mosque expansion.

There were about 800 men, women and children in attendance of the Eid prayer and festivities.

A free lunch was served to all. Several buffet lunch stations were set up on the premises for the convenience of the guests.

A pleasant California weather helped in enjoying the festivities of Eid by all.  (By Abdus Sattar Ghazali)

Woodland Mosque & Islamic Center board members and activists

Woodland group A 11-17-2010

Picture shows from left: Mohammad Sahfi Sialvi, Khalid Saeed, Riaz Ahmed, Allama Mufti Mehmood Varnalvi, Mohammad Ali, Khurshid Anwar and Zahoor Ahmed.