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1023 North Street, Woodland CA 95695        Ph: 530-666-4706

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Community urged to donate generously
for Woodland Mosque construction

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise.” [Sahh al-Bukhr and Sahh Muslim].

On Saturday January 14, 2012, three members of the Woodland Mosque board of directors - Zahoor Ahmad, Mohammad Usman Sadiq and Khalid Saeed - visited Salam Center Sacramento for consultation on the construction for the building and other logistics as Salam center has just recently completed the center's construction project.1-14-2012 fund raiser Foto 1F

“The information through this consultation would help in planning the project and also help save a lot of money and  avoid a lot of logistical problems,” Khalid Saeed said.  

The Muslim Community was urged to donate generously and also pay the pledged donations as well.  

(Picture shows from left: Zahoor Ahmad - Javaid Iqbal Construction Project Manager Salam Center - Mohammad Usman Sadiq in front of Salam Center Building)

Muslim Community of Woodland is blessed with a spirit of generosity and never disappoints when it come to raise funds for a good cause. In 2005 the community had purchased property adjacent to the mosque  in 2005 for a Price of $595,000.00. As it was a large sum for the community to be able to raise funds at that time, it was financed through a bank loan. With a final fundraising on Eid Al Adha on Nov 17, 2010 the property was fully paid off.


During last 10 days of Ramadan of 2011, an intensive fundraising campaign was launched with a donation request sent to all community members to come prepared to Eid prayer and to listen to new mosque project plans and contribute towards the fund created for the new project. More than $400,000 are raised in donations and pledges  for the new Woodland mosque and the community members who made pledges are enthusiastically honoring the pledges and making contributions. 1-14-2012 fund raiser Foto 2F

While the mosque administration is collecting the past pledges, making efforts to raise new additional funds , we are actively working on the plans for the building and trying to collect all possible information to build a mosque which will serve the community and its future generation with special attention to all possible needs of community as a  whole, including men, women and specially the younger generation.

(Picture shows from left: Zahoor Ahmad,Javaid Iqbal and Khalid Saeed,  in the lobby of the Salam Center.)