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Woodland Mosque & Islamic Center

1023 North Street, Woodland CA 95695        Ph: 530-666-4706

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Imam of the Woodland Mosque

Hafiz Aamir Hussain

Imam Hafiz Aamir Hussain has been serving the Woodland Muslim community for about 4 years now.

He is highly qualified to serve the community. After his regular intermediate community college education with the Karachi Board of Education degree, he received extensive religious and Quranic education in Qira’t, Tehfeez-ul-Quran and Arabic courses for over 5 years. Imam Amir-0

He is a Hafiz of Quran, i.e. he remembers and can recite whole holy book, the Quran, by heart.

Imam Aamir Hussain is very actively involved in inter and intra community building activities.

He participates educational recreational activities of Muslim youth attending Mosque and Mosque Sunday school.

He not only actively supports but himself participates in interfaith community to promote peace and harmony to build a better community for all of us.

For counseling and questions on religion he could be reached at the Woodland  Mosque Islamic Center at  1023 - North Street  Woodland  CA 95695.

Imam Aamir Hussain's Message

    "Migration from one's native land to other peaceful land is Prophet of Islam's tradition. While we came here to make a better life and are enjoying life of freedom and justice,  and we are raising our families for their better future. We the Muslims have a duel responsibility. 

     One responsibility for us is to learn true Islam and Islamic values, and also teach the same to our future generations as well. For that the mosque is offering a variety of programs for all segments of our Muslim community. I request you all to get involved in the activates of the  mosque. 

    The second important responsibility we have is as a citizens of this great land of our , to be the best we can be and contribute positively to build a peaceful inclusive community and perform our civic duties , be active part of community at large and help make America a better place for all citizens, regardless of their race religion, color, language or cultural background. This is what Islam requires from us."